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Cozy Alice Cottage



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October 2007
It finally looks like
a real neighborhood!
Fall in the neighborhood
Pretty golden paint
Paint colors accent
structural details.
Welcome home!
Connecting sidewalks
Connect with your neighbors.
Cute from the backside, too!
From the back
Commons in back
You can see the commons going
up in the background.
Green and blue Betty Gables.
Betty Gables
Lisette Cottage plan
Lisette is soooo cute!
Cheery door!
Red door
Custom lighting
Custom lighting.
Paperstone counters made
from recycled paper.
Paperstone ocunters
Custom lights above windows
Attention to detail shows!
Beautiful floors in a well-lit space.
Beautiful floors
Efficient kitchen
Efficient kitchens, too.
Your furniture would look
amazing in this space!
Gorgeous room
Betty Gable
August 2007
Betty Gable is ready for some finishing touches.

Attention to detail creates
outstanding built-ins.
Quality built-ins
Cottages 2, 3, 4
Betty Gables are almost ready.
Cute breakfast nook in a Betty Gable.
Cute breakfast nook
Homes being built
May 2007
Betty Gables are going up
at Spring Valley!
Attention to detail and fine
craftsmanship make these units special.
Attention to detail
Earth Day 2007
April 2007
Work is underway in Spring Valley.
These cottages with the peaks in front are Betty Gables.
Betty Gables are going up!
Coho is a Ross Chapin design
The house with the two high windows is a Alice plan.
An Alice and Betty Gable are going up. The house in the front will be a Betty Mae plan.
Spring Valley Cottages
Betty Mae foundation
Laying the proper groundwork for a Betty Mae.
Gotta love a bold blue sky!
Coho walls
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