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As we continue to develop Spring Valley, we'll be sharing photos with our friends
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Cozy Alice Cottage



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Pretty Alice in yellow

February 2008

The bright and cheery paint on this
Alice battles the cold February days.

We pay attention to details in our homes. This is inside an Alice.
Interior of an Alice
The commons
The Commons is ready for you to use.
Lots of light and fun inside
of the Commons.
Interior of the Commons
Inside Alice
An interior shot of the Alice.
Lisette is waiting for her new owner.

Bright and cheery neighborhood

January 2008
We are nearing completion of Spring Valley Cottages. Five of the 10 cottages have been finished; one is sold.
Sidewalks and landscaping
fit the neighborhood.
Landscaping complete
The storage and commons buildings
are in the final stages.
Landscaped nicely in the back, too.
Landscaped in the back, too
Betty Mae and Lisette
A Betty Mae plan is on the left
—and that's Lisette in yellow.
The view from San Juan Avenue.
View from the street
Betty Gable
Betty Gable waiting for an owner.
Cozy breakfast nook.
Cozy breakfast nook
Custom fixtures
Custom fixtures for a special touch.

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