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As we continue to develop Spring Valley, we'll be sharing photos with our friends
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Cozy Alice Cottage



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May 2008

There's nothing quite like a front porch.

Love that front porch!
The commons
Visit with neighbors in the commons.
Quality craftsmanship in the cabinets.
Quality cabinets
An inviting space

Inviting spaces.

Fences ensure privacy.
Fences ensure privacy
Common greens
The common greens.
Lots of windows and light!
Big, bold windows
Stained glass inserts
It's all in the details!
Stay and sit a spell.
Inviting chair

March 2008

Spring has finally come to
Spring Valley!

Plenty of storage space, too!
Storage for you!
Lisette interior
The red door of the Lisette is a great contrast to the cottage's light interior.
This is Spring Valley's view to the south.
View to the south
The attention to detail really
shows in the Lisette.
The Alice's kitchen from above.
What a wonderful view to wake up
to each morning!
View from above
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